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What Are Nootropic Supplements for Your Brain?

Nootropics (also referred to as “smart drugs”, brain boosters, brain pills or cognitive enhancers) is a broad term for a specific class of supplements, drugs or functional foods that are either man-made or naturally occurring used to enhance cognitive functions and aspects of mood such as memory, focus, attention, concentration, motivation and more.

One of the most talked about subjects today is how to maintain or improve the health of our body. We often leave out the captain of that ship, the brain, where the maintenance of brain health and possibly optimizing brain functions may perhaps be less conversationally addressed but most equally important factors to ensuring daily and long-term quality of life.

In fact, plant matter was used traditionally for thousands of years as herbal remedies to influence positive effects on brain function and now belongs to the onset of various compounds that grew as more and more individuals searched for ways to get a competitive mental edge, ward off age-related memory issues, manage stress or to simply to keep the mind young and sharp.

If you are not familiar with these types of supplements and wondering if they are safe to use, you may want to simply start at the basics with our Introduction to Nootropics that may help you have a better understanding of what they are, how they work and if they may benefit you.

Who Uses Nootropic Supplements?

Many Nootropics have been around since the 1970’s. Since than, mainstream use has grown steadily as more and more people turn to these supplements to help enhance mental performance and encourage daily emotional balance to function at optimal levels.

They have gained tremendous popularity among students as studying aids, business persons to gain a mental edge, truckers and shift workers to promote wakefulness and by all individuals looking to boost their brain power. Some of these Nootropic agents are currently being used clinically in many parts of the world and are being investigated by researchers for their potential positive effects on age-related cognitive decline, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s, dementia and ADHD.

Whether your work or studies require demanding mental energy, concentration and memory, you need to stay alert, focused and motivated for long periods of time or you simply want to enjoy a youthful and sharp mind, Nootropics may be the answer.

How Nootropics Work

There are various different types Nootropic supplements available which can fall into different categories or groups.

Nootropics may work by either boosting communication between the neurons, aiding in balancing neurotransmitter levels responsible for many different cognitive functions, promoting the health of brain cells or impacting hormones.

While there are no pills that can make you smarter or raise your intellect instantaneously, understanding how different Nootropic substances effect neurotransmitters or chemical messengers and systems in the brain may help you get a better picture of how they work to enhance cognition.

Safety of Nootropics

Most research indicates that the commonly used Nootropics are generally safe and well tolerated for adult use when taken responsibly. Some Nootropics have even proven to act as neuroprotectants, shielding the brain from potential damage caused by factors such as oxidative stress, inflammation, excitotoxicity and even aging.

PiracetamL-TheanineALCAR (Acetyl-L-Carnitine) and many others are some of these types of Nootropics, helping to preserve structures in brain cells and the maintenance of cognition.

Furthermore, apart from prescription “smart drugs” in the world of Nootropics, most are considered to have a low risk of adverse side effects, are non-addictive and are generally not known to cause physical symptoms of withdrawal after discontinuing use. Some Nootropics may even create long-term benefits for the brain after terminating use.

Safety of Nootropics

However, it is important to note that there are over 100 compounds or substances with their own unique mechanisms of action and therefore their own safety profiles under the Nootropic supplement umbrella with over 7 billion people in the world.

Individual factors and usage such as age, pre-existing health conditions, current use of medications, individual body chemistry and importantly dosage and frequency of use, all play a role in the safety and efficacy of Nootropics and it would be a disservice to claim that all Nootropics are safe or right for everyone.


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