Nuvigil (Armodafinil) Uses, Benefits and Alternatives

Armodafinil is a slightly stronger derivative of Modafinil that promotes wakefulness and alertness with effects that are thought to last longer. Also considered a “smart drug” it is sometimes used as an off-label cognitive enhancer to additionally promote a boost in mental performance, focus and the ability to stay productive.

Type: Eugeroic Drug
Used For: Narcolepsy, Daytime Sleep Disorders, Shift Work Sleep Disorder, Obstructive Sleep Apnea OFF LABEL: Wakefulness, Focus, Concentration, Mood, ADHD/ADD
Half-Life: 13hrs-15hrs
Typical Dosage: 50 mg-150 mg per day
Drug Interactions: Amphetamines, Adderall, Cold/Sinus medications, Hydrocodone, Oxycodone, Birth Control Pills, Modafinil, Caffeine, Prescriptive Weight Loss Drugs
Supplement Interactions: Caffeine Supplements

What is Armodafinil (Nuvigil)?

Armodafinil is a wakefulness-promoting Nootropic smart drug that is sold as a prescription medication under the brand names Nuvigil and Waklert.

What is Armodafinil?This drug was approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2007 as a schedule IV prescription drug used to treat chronic daytime fatigue for people suffering from shift work disorder, narcolepsy and other sleeping disorders.

Armodafinil is also commonly used off-label, even by healthy individuals, observed to promote a long-lasting, natural sense of physical and mental energy and alertness that leads to overall enhanced mental performance.

By promoting wakefulness, users of this drug say they experience an increased ability to focus on tasks at hand, the ability to concentrate is improved and they can function at a more productive, enjoyable level.

Armodafinil is part of a class of eugeroic drugs originally developed in the 1970s which additionally includes Modafinil and the legal alternative eugeroic that does not require a prescription, Adrafinil.

Eugeroics, from the Greek word “good arousal”, are a class of stimulants that promote wakefulness and alert mental states but are considered to lack the adverse side effects that are typical to stimulants.

Nuvigil (Armodafinil) is a derivative of Provigil (Modafinil). These two drugs are manufactured by the same company, Cephalon Inc. now Teva Pharmaceuticals and are both prescriptive medications with many similar effects.

Although there is no information on exactly how Nuvigil is made, it’s chemical makeup is known to be a purified single-enantiomer version of Provigil. This modified chemical structure made the effects slightly stronger, last longer and may provide additional benefits.

This article will discuss the benefits and uses related to Armodafinil should you decide to discuss this drug with your doctor and the legal alternative to consider.

Armodafinil (Nuvigil) Primary Uses

Armodafinil (brand names Nuvigil or Waklert) was developed as a wakefulness enhancer, intended to be used for excessive daytime fatigue in individuals suffering from narcolepsy, obstructive sleep apnea, idiopathic hypersomnia and shift work disorder.

It was also considered as a treatment for jet lag (which many experts still believe it is effective for), symptoms of schizophrenia and depression, however, it is not an approved pharmaceutical for any these applications.

The main effect of Armodafinil is eugeroic, promoting wakefulness and alertness by targeting brain chemical systems that regulate mental arousal (when stimulation is required) rather than targeting the entire nervous system like traditional stimulants.

This system is believed to allow a user to have a powerful smooth boost of energy throughout the day without typically affecting normal sleeping patterns.

In addition, eugeroics do not raise blood pressure or increase heart rate. Nuvigil is unlikely to cause symptoms of chemical withdrawal (“comedown symptoms”).

Nuvigil has been progressively suggested to treat and manage symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and ADD in adults. This drug is said to have stimulant-like effects but does not carry many of the potential adverse side effects associated with stimulating drugs that are used to treat these conditions like Adderall or Ritalin.

In addition, Armodafinil is a derivative of another popular eugeroic drug Modafinil (Provigil) which is more commonly used off-label for ADHD.

Although there is growing popularity for the use of Nugivil and Provigil for ADHD, this is considered an off-label use of this drug. Both these drugs are only approved by the FDA for sleeping disorders.

In addition, it is difficult to obtain a prescription to use these drugs for this condition since they are still in the experimental phase. Insurance companies do not cover any off-label uses of Nuvigil or Provigil.

Armodafinil Uses for Depression and Anxiety Relief

Nuvigil (Armodafinil) drug effects were designed primarily to aid in wakefulness and alertness but it may be a great short-term potential defense against inconsistent and changeable thoughts that accompany anxiety, depression and mood imbalances.

It has been noted to be used for many off-label benefits including greatly enhancing the ability to focus and concentrate without distraction in addition to boosting mental energy.

These effects may help control depressive or anxious thoughts, basically allowing for the ability to focus outward which may reduce the tendencies towards panic attacks and social anxiety.

This drug also seems to have significant mood-boosting effects. It has been observed by many people to promote a happier mood, decrease feelings of stress, increase the level of confidence and boost motivation.

Although the exact mechanisms of action of Armodafinil (Nuvigil) are not fully understood, it appears to work by inhibiting the reuptake of Dopamine, leading to increases in extracellular levels in certain areas of the brain.

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter involved in regulating emotional responses, the ability to maintain focus and concentration, promote feelings of happiness and to help drive motivation.

Although the effects of Nuvigil are promising for those suffering from depression and anxiety, it is a prescriptive medication for people diagnosed with a sleeping disorder and you cannot get a prescription to use this drug for these off-label purposes.

Armodafinil Benefits for Cognition

Armodafinil is also sometimes used off-label, in non-clinical settings to help boost brain power and promote cognitive enhancement. Anecdotal reports suggest benefits including enhanced focus, reduced brain fog, significant improvements in concentration and alleviation of fatigue.

Although this is a prescriptive drug approved by the FDA to treat sleeping disorders, many users have also reported that Armodafinil offers additional powerful effects on motivation and even mood with limited side effects.

Users describe the effects as a flow-like energetic and motivational state with the ability to have sharper mental connections that lead to a highly productive state. It is also reported to boost alertness beyond the effects of caffeine, which is a traditional stimulant

Buying Armodafinil (Nuvigil) Online

Nuvigil requires a prescription from a doctor in order to buy it legally both off and online. It is a Schedule 4 controlled substance in the United States, a schedule reserved for drugs that have a lower potential for abuse but can be harmful if taken in large quantities or abused.

There are many offshore pharmacies from countries such as Mexico or India that sell Armodafinil or Nuvigil generics online without requiring a prescription. This method is strongly not recommended.

Illegally sold medications are often seized at customs and can pose potential criminal charges if you can’t produce a prescription for this drug and in most cases, with no refund. This also applies to those living in Canada, Europe and the UK.

In addition, if you do have a prescription for Nuvigil you must keep in mind that there may be inferior quality control standards in these countries. That can pose a potential risk that the product can be contaminated or not contain Nuvigil at all.

Finally, the manufacturer of Nugivil, Cephalon Inc., does not recommend this drug to be used by anyone under the age of 18 since there have been no significant studies done to determine the safety of Nuvigil use for children.

Alternatives for Nuvigil to Consider

If you are interested in experiencing the effects of Nuvigil there are other legal alternatives that you may want to consider.

There are many Nootropic supplements to explore since they act to work with your brains chemistry to produce many substantial improvements in both cognitive functions and aspects of mood.

However, if you are looking for the closest compound related to Nuvigil, Adrafinil is the most popular alternative. This is another eugeroic substance considered to have identical effects and is not known to have the potential risk of dependency. It does not require a prescription and is legal to buy in the United States and most other countries.

Adrafinil converts in the body to Modafinil and Nuvigil is a modified version of this drug. Adrafinil may not be suitable for everyone, to learn more about these drugs and if they may be right for you, it is best to speak with your doctor first.

In addition, there are many Nootropics that are known to promote positive effects on mood and are considered by many people as a notable way to help fight against symptoms of depression and anxiety that may be worth looking into.

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